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Costner stays sporty and romantic in football movie 'Draft Day'

Costner stays sporty and romantic in football movie 'Draft Day'
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Kevin Costner plays the embattled manager of a struggling American football team, who is given the chance to turn the failing franchise around on Draft day – an annual event in which National Football League teams select eligible players.

‘Draft Day’ is Costner’s third movie premiere in three months, following the release of ‘The Ryan Initiative’ and ‘Three Days to Kill’.

It is also his latest in a series of sports movies, including the baseball classic ‘Field of Dreams’ and the golf romcom ‘Tin Cup’.

The film was directed by veteran comedy filmmaker Ivan Reitman who also produced it. “It’s a movie that takes place in the sports world, but you know it’s a drama, it’s a comedy, it sort of makes you applaud and cheer. It ends almost like a football game, even though we’re behind, we’re never on the field,” Reitman said.

Jennifer Garner co-stars alongside Costner as Ali, the team’s “salary capologist”, whose role it is to ensure that the franchise is making smart decisions about whom they hire and what they pay them. As it happens, she is also romantically involved with Costner’s character Sonny.

Costner said it couldn’t be all about sports – the other essential ingredient for a good movie is romance: “I think if you want to make a great sports movie, don’t put too much sports in it, you know what I mean? That’s not to say that you can’t make the sports things authentic. But what happens between men and women is always going to be infinitely more important, against whatever backdrop.”

Out now in the US, ‘Draft Day’ will open in Asia before coming to Europe.