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Hungary looks set for more Orbán

Hungary looks set for more Orbán
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Ahead of the vote opening early Sunday morning, the result appears like a foregone conclusion. Surveys show Fidesz on track to win a landslide victory, giving a third term to the divisive leader Viktor Orbán.

Dubbed Viktator by his detractors who say he has chipped away at democracy, his supporters feel he has defended the country against Brussels’ influence.

His rallying cry of ‘four more years’ may be confirmed by the ballot box.

The left-wing Unity group have not lived up to their name, with a weak alliance and swamped by a corruption scandal they have failed to inspire confidence, despite their call for a raise in the minimum wage and price cuts for basic foods.

Far-right party, Jobbik have enjoyed a surge in support, aiming to distance itself from anti-Roma and anti-Semitic rhetoric. They hope to win over first-time voters unhappy with the two main parties.

Some see Jobbik’s rise as a precusor for a shift to the far-right expected during the European Elections to be held in May.