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Hungarians declare their hopes during elections

Hungarians declare their hopes during elections
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Voting continues in Hungary’s parliamentary elections, where opinion polls put Prime Minister Viktor Orban firmly ahead.

But whilst many predict little change in government, the opposition race is hotly contested.

One middle aged woman said: “I’m happy with Fidesz right now because they brought a lot of change, but I’m hoping that wages will also grow in coming years.”

An elderly lady also said she was happy but that there was room for improvement:
“I expect from these polls that our life standards as pensioners will stay as they are now or even get better…that is what I hope.”

And another lady euronews spoke to said: “I want this government to stay. I have a big family and have seen their situation improve a lot. It is true that some of them work abroad but I know they want to return home because they didn’t sell their flat.”

Election changes in 2012 mean it is easier to qualify for elections, leading to more candidates. But this also divides opposition protest votes, favouring Fidesz.

One young woman hinted that the Socialist party might ger her vote: “I hope the polls bring the result I really desire…that there will be democracy in our country.”

Orban and the Fidesz party have been accused of restricting freedom of the press.

But others were more certain of their vote, such as one young man euronews spoke to: “I think Jobbik will win for sure because the Socialist party has made a lot of errors lately.”

Even if Orban stays on, it could be a double-edged sword for Hungary. Although his domestic policies are popular, critics say he’ll stifle foreign trade and business.