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Chinese boat detects 'pulse' during search for Malaysian flight 370

Chinese boat detects 'pulse' during search for Malaysian flight 370
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A Chinese patrol vessel searching for the remains of missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 has detected a signal in the Indian Ocean, according to Chinese media.

The state-run news agency Xinhua said that ultrasonic pings have been captured at the same frequency as the flight recorders on board the plane.

But they’ve stressed that this does not confirm that flight 370 has been found.

The boat forms part of a nine-strong search and rescue operation to the west of Perth off the coast of Australia.

“Haixun 13” carries specialised rescue personnel and is equipped with three facilities, one of whose job it is to search for the aircraft’s “black box” of flight data.

The batteries on black boxes last around thirty days. As that deadline approaches, the race is on to find the plane in the remaining narrow window of time.

Relatives of the missing remain frustrated after being told by Malaysian officials that the aircraft had gone down with no survivors, despite an apparent lack of evidence to support this.