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From Florida with love Jake Owen hits the road

From Florida with love Jake Owen hits the road
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Jake Owen is on the road in the US to promote his new album ‘Days of Gold’.

The Florida born musician has explored his past growing up in the sunshine state for the new collection.

The second single from the album is called ‘Beachin’

The singer explained:” When someone asked me in the beginning of the making of this, they asked me how do you want your tour to look? What do you want to do? I said I want to take a little bit of Florida with me wherever I go. I want that feeling that I had when I was just a kid on a bar-stool back in Florida. I want that feeling to go with me wherever I go.”

The stage show ranges from the very simple to the more spectacular: “There’s also a fine line between what gets too much, you know. Sometimes you just want to make it simple. There’s going to be a mixture of that. There’s going to be times in the show where it’s just me and a guitar and no lights and no video and no craziness, kinda like it used to be. And then there’s times when we blow it out rock star style,” said the singer.

His tour takes in 50 cities and ends where it all began – in Florida naturally.