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Steel Panther's heavy metal parody is the real deal

Steel Panther's heavy metal parody is the real deal
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American rock band Steel Panther walk a fine line between heavy metal parody and the real deal. The combo are about to release their latest album “All You Can Eat:”

The band inhabits a kind of “Wayne’s World” universe.

Singer Michael Staar explains how the band go about writing in typically Steel Panther style: “Well song ideas for the album usually come from experiences we have had. Or we will be together and Stix will go ‘Oh my God, dude, wouldn’t it be good to do a song about a gloryhole?’ and Satchel and would be like ‘yeah!’ and me and Lexxi will be like ‘huh? Cool’ and then Satchel will write it and Stix and Satchel will record it in the studio and then we come in from the beach and just lay down our parts and go back to the beach.”

Steel Panther are on a mission to entertain and according to singer Micheal Starr the fans are very enthusiastic.

On fan ahead of the band’s Brixton Academy gig summed it up: “It’s dirty, horrendously awful .”

With big spiky wigs, leather jackets, and zebra-striped spandex, the band pokes fun at the Heavy Metal acts of the 80s’. But behind the hair there lies a talented, rockin’ four-piece.

The bass player, Lexxi Foxx tries to clarify what the band is about, with the help of singer Micheal Starr:
“It is a whole thing. It’s a lifestyle that we are bringing back. It is not just our music . You can see that right now look what Michael has on. Look at that, it’s very jungle like. You said this earlier, you have still got the Van Halen T-shirt and the heavy metal jacket with the fringe.” Michael Starr takes up the story: “And don’t forget this. This is an accessory called a scarf. You can go like that with for your heavy metal distant look or you can bring it down for the heavy metal sexy look.”

Steel Panther’s third album is out on April Fool’s Day they are currently on tour in Europe before returning to the US for more gigs.