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Rio 2: it's on in the Amazon

Rio 2: it's on in the Amazon
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The wilds of the Amazon is the backdrop for Blu, Jewel and their three kids. As they are catapulted from Rio to the jungle where they face many perils.

This animated film for all the family is directed by Carlos Saldanha: “ It’s very lighthearted, it’s very fun. So, the objective is, you have something for both the parents to enjoy and also the children to enjoy, so it’s a balance. Movies nowadays, like it’s ‘cater for the entire family,’ not just the kids.”

“Rio 2” also stars the voices of Andy Garcia, Jesse Eissenber, Anne Hathaway, Bruno Mars and Will. i. am who returns as funky bird Pedro:

“ You have to use your imagination more on these types of projects because when you’re in a booth there’s no environment there. You’re literally in your head and you’re working with the director – in this case Carlos- he is the maestro. He’s conducting it all.”

Rio 2 is on global release in April.