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Erdogan shows election strength despite scandals

Erdogan shows election strength despite scandals
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Triumph after two weeks of turmoil. Turkey’s prime minister is celebrating victory in local elections widely seen as the toughest test of his 12-year rule.

It comes amid allegations of vote rigging and corruption, and the government’s attempt to shut down social media platforms.

Not many seem surprised the government has come out on top.

“This was obvious, no matter how many votes they lose, and they haven’t lost any. This was supposed to happen. These are the reactions (votes),” said Ankara resident Necdet Goker.

With the ruling AK party winning 44.8 percent of the vote, the main opposition CHP says it plans to appeal but some question whether such action is worthwhile.

Some political analysts say Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan may now feel he has a mandate for strong action against his enemies.

Politial analyst, Murat Somer said: “The election results will probably be interpreted by the prime minister as a confirmation of his policies. His (acceptance) speech showed he will probably interpret the election results as a vindication of his nationalist discourse, religious discourse and authoritarian policies.”

Erdogan has already promised to take revenge against his critics whom he has described as “terrorists” and an “alliance of evil”.