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Double trouble for shy boy Simon Jones

Double trouble for shy boy Simon Jones
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Jessie Eisenberg plays the duel role of identical looking characters with totally opposed personalities. In “The Double” directed by Richard Ayoade

Shy boy Simon James’ world is thrown into confusion when new employee, the confidant James Simon, arrives at the office.

Jesse Eisenberg, spoke about playing the pair: “Well James is the doppelganger he’s comfortable in his own skin and while I’m playing it you just naturally feel those feelings, so you feel much more comfortable. You know Simon on the other hand is self-hating and he’s mortified to be alive, and so you naturally feel those feelings. So when I would play Simon I think I’m not doing well in the scene just because you’re feeling like somebody who’s not doing well in their lives. So you just unconsciously associate those feelings with yourself and then you think the scene must not have gone well and conversely when I’m playing the other character. I think this is OK?”

Actress Mia Wasikowska, plays love interest Hannah. Who is also a bit of a loner and falls for the seductive charm of James:
“Usually I can very clearly visualise the character, and I want to play them, because I have a strong idea of who they are in my head. But Hannah was like a little elusive to me. I couldn’t figure out in my head who she was and how we were supposed to feel about her, and whether she was nice or mean or whether she knew she was being mean or whether she wasn’t. She seemed very vague.”

“The Double” premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last September and is now on global release.