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Sean Kuti slams IMF austerity in new album

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Sean Kuti slams IMF austerity in new album
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Seun Kuti and his band Egypt 80 have been giving fans a taste of their new album with the release of the video for the opening track ‘IMF’.

With lyrics like “My people are coming for what’s ours” and “Breakin’ the chain”, the Nigerian musician takes a stab at the International Monetary Fund.

“Twenty years ago, IMF was an African devil, only Africans understood the evil of IMF. Europeans didn’t see. Austerity was an African thing, but now austerity is a worldwide phenomenon. Everybody understand the pains of the rich getting away with it because they are bred amongst company friends, they decide that the burden should always be placed on the middle class and the poor. That’s when the title started to… These guys are f**‘ing us,” said the 31-year old artist.

Seun is the youngest child of iconic African musician and human rights activist Fela Kuti, the father of Afrobeat.

Keeping up the family tradition, Seun Kuti laces his album with a strong thread of anti-corporate, anti-corruption ideology, denouncing the powers that be for their greed.

Having long lost faith in the music industry run by big corporations, Kuti is launching his album with an independent label and through social media.

“Giving people the opportunity to share their views, free of charge is something that the world has not been able to experience before. Before, we only had mainstream media with the bureaucracy and the organisations who say whatever, you had to go and pay for ads and stuff. But now young people without a lot of financial backing, people without any connection to media as well can speak their mind. There’s a lot of gibberish in the world right now because of that. But there’s a lot of truth in the world too,” said Kuti.

Co-produced by Grammy-winning jazz pianist Robert Glasper, ‘A Long Way To The Beginning’ features guest appearances by rapper M-1 of dead prez and hip hop artist Blitz the Ambassador.

Seun Kuti and his band are currently on a world tour promoting the album.

Out now in Europe, ‘A Long Way To The Beginning’ is scheduled for release in the United States and in Africa in May.