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Hornby best-seller gets movie makeover

Hornby best-seller gets movie makeover
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“A Long Way Down” is the latest novel by best-selling author Nick Hornby to be turned into a movie.

It’s the story of four strangers whose paths cross one night on top of a tower as they attempt to commit suicide.

British actress Imogen Poots, who plays hearbroken Jess, said she had not read the book before signing for the film: “I read the screenplay and then I went to read the book. I loved reading it because obviously that was the primary source for the script but it was kind of… it was structured in diary form, so it’s kind of set in the past and it was interesting to then go back to the screenplay and see how that was like a linear story set in the present day.

“So I kind of appreciated them both as different meditations on the same characters.”

The characters form a kind of suicide support group making a pact not to try again until the next most depressing calendar fixture, Valentine’s Day.

The film is directed by French romcom veteran Pascal Chaumeil.

“I think that’s what was so cool,” said Imogen Poots. “Especially with dealing with something that has a lot of British humor in it, we had a French director who totally, 100 percent, got it and all that kind of goes out of the window. I think this industry is so international anyway, you sort of forget when somebody has got an accent,” said the actress.

Despite its attractive cast and a promising novel, the film has failed to convince critics, with one reviewer calling it fantastically unconvincing.

Starring Imogen Poots, Pierce Brosnan, Toni Collette and Aaron Paul, ‘A Long Way Down’ is on worldwide release from now.