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Russian forces storm Ukraine's Crimea bases

Russian forces storm Ukraine's Crimea bases
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Backed by armoured vehicles, gun fire and stun grenades Russian special forces smashed their way into Ukraine’s Crimea airbase on Saturday.

One Ukrainian serviceman was reportedly injured in the take over at Belbek base near Sevastopol, while the base’s commander was also detained for talks.

Footage showed Russian soldiers overwhelming the airport in what appeared to be a matter of minutes, herding their Ukrainian counterparts into one area of the base.

Despite little resistance some onlookers, unable to accept the take over were wrestled to the ground and dragged away.

The compound’s deputy commander said the Russians had surrounded the base giving them one hour to surrender.

Home to some 29 Mig fighter jets, Belbek was one of the last military facilities in Crimea still under Ukrainian control following Russia’s annexation of the peninsula.

Earlier on Saturday, several hundred unarmed protesters also took control of a Ukraine’s naval base in western Crimea as pro-Russian militia seized Ukrainian navy ships.