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Ukraine signs political deal with EU

Ukraine signs political deal with EU
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Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has signed a political agreement for a future trade deal with the EU.

The crucial provisions on trade will inked after May’s presidential election.

“It recognises the aspiration of the people of Ukraine to live in a country governed by values, by democracy and the rule of law, where all citizens have a stake in national prosperity,” said European Council President Herman Van Rompuy.

Yatsenuk said the final agreement would boost economic growth in Ukraine.

He also said the only way to change Russian behaviour was to hit Moscow in the pocket hard.

“We have 2 types of response: the first one is military, which is not really acceptable for the world, to have the Third World War,” the former central banker told reporters on leaving the EU summit.

“The second one is political, diplomatic and economic. The best way to contain Russia, is to impose real economic leverage over them. because, what’s happening? they are selling gas and oil mainly to the European union, then they take euros, dollar and pounds and buy armaments, armed vehicles and tanks and invade an independent country,” he said.

The EU also plans to sign similar agreements with Georgia and Moldova by the end of June, which could further anger Russia.