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London museum celebrates iconic Bondmobiles

London museum celebrates iconic Bondmobiles
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No James Bond movie would be complete without the iconic “Bondmobile”.

Now, the London Film Museum has gathered more than 50 to be shown as part of its ‘Bond in Motion’ exhibition.

Other memorabilia on display include a model of the famous Skyfall helicopter, action sequence boards and props from the James Bond films.

The classic Aston Martin and the underwater Lotus are among some of the stars of the show.

Producers Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli explain why they are a key part of the James Bond mystique.

‘‘I think it’s a character in the film. People ask, when they hear there’s going to be a new Bond film, they say, ‘Who’s the girl and what’s the car?,’ says Michael G Wilson.

‘‘These chase sequences, they may only be sort of three to five minutes on screen, but they will take months to shoot,” says Barbara Broccoli.

Former Bond Girls Naomie Harris from ‘Skyfall’, Maryam d’Arbo fom ‘The Living Daylights’ and Caterina Murino from ‘Casino Royale’ attended the exhibition’s opening.

Unconfirmed rumours say Spanish actress Penelope Cruz could be up for playing a future Bond Girl. As for John Travolta taking on the role of the villain in an upcoming 007 movie, are they true?

“Yeah, I mean he’s a fantastic actor and we talked about doing it at some point, it’s not going to be this one because the story isn’t suitable but I’d love to work with him, he’s fantastic,” says Barbara Broccoli.

The next Bond movie ‘Bond 24’ is due out in 2015, starring Daniel Craig, with Sam Mendes back in the director’s chair and the new Aston Martin in the role of the Bondmobile.

‘Bond in Motion’ is on now at the London Film Museum.