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MH 370: questions, questions, questions over missing aircraft

MH 370: questions, questions, questions over missing aircraft
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Family members of passengers of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 were ejected from a press conference held by the Malaysian authorities on Wednesday, amid reports that some of them were planning to hold protests over the lack of information.

Investigators believe that MH 370, which disappeared from radar detection on March 8, most likely flew into the southern Indian Ocean.

Eleven days on, there is still much debate about how, where and why the missing Boeing 777 could have got there.

Gerard Feldzer, a former pilot and aviation specialist, told euronews that the technology does exist to prevent a plane disappearing without a trace:

“The Argos beacon system is fitted on to all types of cruise vessels. Vendee Globe racing yachts, Paris Dakar cars use it, So it’s quite unbelievable today that aircraft aren’t equipped with it,” Feldzer said.

Watch the full interview with Feldzer, on air and online, on euronews from 20:10 (CET) on March 19.