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Pilots' homes are searched in Malaysian airliner mystery

Pilots' homes are searched in Malaysian airliner mystery
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As a refocused search continues for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, now officially thought to have been deliberately diverted, the mystery surrounding its disappearance has only deepened.

Did the pilot or co-pilot disable communication systems and veer the plane towards central Asia or the southern Indian Ocean?

Investigators have searched their homes and are looking into their lives.

Did terrorists force the cockpit crew to fly off course or take over the controls themselves?

This ‘new phase’ in the puzzle began with Saturday’s press conference given by Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak who confirmed rumours about a deliberate act on board.

In multi-faith Malaysia, Buddhists are among those praying for the 239 people who took off from Kuala Lumpur bound for Beijing early on March 8.

With no trace of the Boeing 777,  nor any sign of wreckage, some of the passengers’ loved ones are still trying to believe that a miracle could happen.