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Crimea: Military deal reached between Russia and Ukraine

Crimea: Military deal reached between Russia and Ukraine
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A Russian military operation that raised tension with Ukraine has in part led to what is being called, “a truce” between the two countries in Crimea.

Moscow had sent military units to a remote spit of land between Crimea and the mainland. The situation was diffused when it was explained the troops were sent to guard a gas pumping station.

The Ukrainian Defence Minister, Ihor Tenyuk explained the military deal.

“An agreement has been reached with Russia’s Black Sea Fleet and the Russian Defence Ministry on a truce in Crimea until March 21. No measures will be taken against our military facilities during that time,” he told reporters.

On Saturday, in the Kherson region in the south of the country, Ukraine military were put on high alert. A makeshift checkpoint was enforced and vehicles were searched just a few kilometres from the border with Crimea.

The action came amid unconfirmed reports that there had been a failed Russian attempt to enter the area.