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Ukraine parliament votes to dissolve Crimean regional assembly

Ukraine parliament votes to dissolve Crimean regional assembly
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The Ukrainian parliament in Kyiv has voted to dissolve the Crimean regional assembly which has organised Sunday’s referendum and backs union with Russia. The decision was supported by 278 MPs.

Although the majority of members of the Party of Regions voted in favour there was a warning from one of their MPs.

“If we dissolve the Crimean Parliament who will we then negotiate with in Crimea in the future. We declare the referendum unconstitutional but that is not the end of life in Ukraine or Crimea. We will need to hold negotiations after the referendum and we will need someone with whom to hold those negotiations!,” said Hanna Herman.

The vote may not lead to the cancellation of the referendum but many believe it was a necessary move and could help increase pressure for others to act.

“This decision will only help morally so that it will be easier to put pressure on people who are now taking decisions which are illegal,” was how one person outside parliament reacted to the vote.

MPs believe it was an important step to take with one saying the Crimean assembly must be sanctioned to discourage separatist movements.