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Strange tales 'Under the Skin' and 'Closer to the Moon'

Strange tales 'Under the Skin' and 'Closer to the Moon'
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Scarlett Johansson plays a predatory alien in Jonathan Glazer’s ‘Under the Skin’. She is sent to Earth to hunt humans to be fattened for meat – meat being a delicacy on the alien’s barren homeland.

The actress spoke of the difficulties of playing a character with a different morality: “I think the opportunity to play a character that really is kind of free of judgment and instinct . It was a real challenge and certainly it’s a challenge in work and that was appealing.”

The movie is based on the 2000 novel by Michel Faber. It touches on political themes around big business, factory farming, and environmental decay; and reflects on more personal questions of sexual identity, humanity, snobbery, and mercy.

‘Under the Skin’ isout now in cinemas in the UK, Ireland and Germany

‘Closer to the Moon’ is the extraordinary story of a 1959 bank heist in Communist Romania. Within weeks the police announced the arrest of five men and one woman, all Jewish, all prominent members of the Romanian Communist Party.

The government demanded the gang play themselves in a filmed reconstruction of the robbery.

After completion of the movie that played to sell out houses across the country. The five men were then executed the woman got life in prison.

Vera Farmiga, Mark Strong, and Game of Thrones’ Harry Lloyd star in ‘Closer to the Moon’.