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White House to host new Ukraine PM

White House to host new Ukraine PM
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US President Barack Obama will host Ukraine’s new prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk at the White House on Wednesday.

It’s a high-profile gesture some say is aimed at cementing the West’s allegiance to Ukraine’s government. Others say it’s a diplomatic dig at Russia.

Many residents in Kyiv were hopeful on Wednesday ahead of their new prime minister’s visit to Washington.

One local man, Kiril, told euronews: “I think this meeting will be positive because the US wants to help Ukraine. I think Yatsenyuk’s visit will bring a lot of positive results to Crimea and Ukraine’s economy.”

The meeting comes as Ukraine’s southern Crimea region prepares for a referendum on Sunday to determine its future.

Ukraine’s parliament has warned the Crimean regional assembly that it faces dissolution unless it calls off the vote.