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Kyiv poster exhibition calls for peace in Ukraine

Kyiv poster exhibition calls for peace in Ukraine
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Posters carrying strong messages calling for peace in Ukraine line a street leading to Kyiv’s Independence Square. The colourful display faces onto the barricades that still stand at Maidan.

Organised by Voices of Peace, a Ukrainian designers and artists collective, this open-air exhibition in Kyiv has gathered posters created by graphic designers from 41 countries.

Hanna Mikheeva, poster campaign supervisor, explained about the popularity of the exhibition amongst artists: “You can see 60 posters, but actually we received more than 200 posters from all over the world.”

“We received pictures from Belarus, the USA, Russia, Ecuador and Iran,” Mikheeva added.

One visitor didn’t think the posters, “will prevent Russians from invading Ukraine, but these pictures may keep up spirit of Ukrainian people!”

Some posters were made into postcards carrying a simple message: “No War,” one of which was mailed to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Voices of Peace exhibition runs until April 12 in Kyiv.