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Innocent man walks free after 29 years on death row

Innocent man walks free after 29 years on death row
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A man who has spent three decades on death row has walked free after a US judge set aside his conviction.

Glenn Ford was convicted by an all-white jury in 1983 for robbery and murder.

But new information in the case has exonerated the 64 year-old, so a Louisiana judge ordered him freed.

“I was locked up almost 30 years. For something I didn’t do,” said Ford on his way out of jail. “I can’t go back and do anything. I should be doing when I was like 35, 38, 40 – stuff like that. My sons, when I left, were babies. Now they are grown men with babies.”

Gary Clements, Glenn Ford’s attorney said, “It’s a wonderful day, and we’ve been working on this for decades, literally. So we hope that it’ll be the first day for Glenn to start a new life.”

Ford’s now tasting freedom after claiming that the prosecution suppressed evidence that would have cleared him of the crime.