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Spain: Thousands protest against tougher abortion laws

Spain: Thousands protest against tougher abortion laws
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Thousands of women have been demonstrating in Madrid against controversial moves to scrap Spain’s abortion on demand law.

New proposals aim to reverse measures introduced by the Socialist government four years ago, including a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy if her mental or physical health is seriously at risk. The new bill will also only allow abortion in cases of rape or if the foetus shows signs of severe deformities.

One protester expressed her indignation: “Bearing in mind the situation that we have now with abortion, this law will manipulate our bodies and rob us of the right to choose.”

Last month, the conservative Popular Party succeeded in passing the bill despite opposition hopes that the secret ballot would split the ruling party.

The government, however, has since suggested it may amend the final draft as opinion polls suggest 80 percent of Spaniards are against revising the law.