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Relatives' anger at 'lack of information' from Malaysia Airlines

Relatives' anger at 'lack of information' from Malaysia Airlines
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Relatives of Chinese passengers on board flight MH370 are demanding updated information.

Malaysia Airlines has told next of kin it will fly them to near wherever the wreckage may be found. Malaysian authorities have also offered to help people obtain passports if necessary.

Wang Aihua’s son was on the flight. “Of course I am not going to get a passport, what for?” she asked.

“To go to Malaysia to do what? To stare at the sea? I am not satisfied with Malaysian Airlines! They are snubbing us. My son was 30-years-old, he went to Malaysia on a business trip. Malaysian airlines is absolutely hiding information from us.”

Some have accused the airline of keeping them in the dark and have drawn up a petition complaining about its attitude.

But Malaysia Airlines insists its main focus is caring for the relatives, saying “timely information” and help including travel, accommodation and emotional support is being provided.

After more than 40 hours with no confirmed trace of the plane, distraught families in Kuala Lumpur are also anxiously awaiting news.

Perhaps hoping to provide some comfort, Buddhist monks and Hindus could be seen chanting prayers for the safety of the passengers and crew.

If all those on board flight MH370 are found to have perished, it will rank as the deadliest airline disaster since American Airlines flight 587 crashed into a New York neighbourhood on November 12 2001, killing all 260 people on board and five more on the ground.