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Malaysia Airlines: one of Asia-Pacific's 'safest full-service carriers'

Malaysia Airlines: one of Asia-Pacific's 'safest full-service carriers'
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Malaysia Airlines, operator of the missing flight MH370, has established a record as one of Asia-Pacific’s safest full-service carriers.

At the 2013 World Travel Awards, the company won the title of “Asia’s Leading Airline”, an award it also won in 2011.

To date, the airline has been involved in two fatal accidents. Both occurred in Malaysia.

All 100 people onboard a flight in 1977 died when the Boeing 737-200 crashed in Tanjung Kupang. It is the deadliest accident to date involving a Malaysian aircraft.

A 1995 crash on the approach to the eastern town of Tawau killed 34 of the people onboard.

The plane that disappeared on Saturday between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing is a Boeing 777, and is thought to be around 11 years old.

Although the 777 is listed among the world’s safest aircraft, Malaysia Airlines was set to start replacing some of its older models from 2016.