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Technology enthusiasts flock to mobile phone congress in Spain

Technology enthusiasts flock to mobile phone congress in Spain
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Japanese giant Sony unveiled its new Xperia Z2 smartphone at the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Its latest innovation provides noise-cancelling technology and ultra-high-definition video recording.

The gadget that created a lot of buzz in the Sony corner was the company’s SmartBand. It’s an accessory that records your daily activities. It has the ability to log key moments, which can be viewed on a timeline, including photos taken and messages sent and received as well as games played and music listened to. The band is also waterproof and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Santiago Fernandez from Sony mobile, Spain said: “We will be able to compute all our daily activities, for example how we walk, how many steps we have taken, how many calories we burnt, how we slept. And we will always be able to reflect all that on the application “LifeLog”.

The Russian company Yotaphone launched the YotaPhone 2 Dual Screen phone. Like its predecessor it has two screens: the first is a usual LCD screen and the second – on the back of the phone – is like e-paper, ideal for reading texts. The new version – according to the company – is more ‘intuitive and interactive’. The e-paper screen never switches off, it consumes little energy and the user never misses messages or emails. It is on the market at 500 Euros.

If brushing your teeth feels like a chore, this new technology could help make it more exciting. It’s an interactive, electric toothbrush. The brush is said to be the first in the world to use Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Via the technology, it connects to an app which guides the user while they brush, and records how well they are doing. Dentists can also plug in data to help the user improve their brushing techniques.