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Ukraine leader Turchynov warns of 'danger of separatism'

Ukraine leader Turchynov warns of 'danger of separatism'
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Ukraine’s parliament has voted overwhelmingly to send Viktor Yanukovych and others before the International Criminal Court for “serious crimes”.

MPs passed a resolution linking the ousted president to police violence against protesters which caused the deaths of more than 100 people.

As Maidan continues to mourn the victims, the resolution said the former interior minister and prosecutor-general should also be sent to The Hague.

The country’s acting president has warned of “dangerous signs of separatism” in parts of the country, amid anger at the removal of Yanukovych, who is now on the run.

The comments by Oleksandr Turchynov echo those of some MPs who have voiced fears that Ukraine could split because of anger in the east and south at recent events.

In regions such as the Crimean peninsula, where Yanukovych was reportedly seen on Sunday, as many as 60 percent of the population are ethnic Russians.

Some 20,000 turned out at another rally in Sevastopol on Monday, chanting “Russia” as they called for secession from Ukraine.

The previous day saw an even bigger demonstration.

Moscow has demanded that the protesters’ views be taken into account, denouncing the methods of Ukraine’s newly-emerging authorities as “dictatorial” and occasionally “terrorist”.

Turchynov said a new “national unity” government should be in place on Thursday.

A parliamentary vote has been put off until then to allow consultations to continue.