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Ukrainian parliament announces start of election campaign

Ukrainian parliament announces start of election campaign
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Ukraine’s acting president, Olexander Turchinov, has revealed that the country’s presidential election campaign will begin on Tuesday February 25th.

In a full parliamentary session on Monday, he told the Rada that he is “convinced” that the new government will be able to “stabilise the situation”.

In further developments, the parliament appointed Stepan Kubiv, as the new chairman of the central bank. Turchinov had earlier raised the possibility of Ukraine defaulting on its debt and said the country needed over €25 billion in aid over the next two years.

Iryna Farion from the Ukranian nationalist Svoboda party also announced that the “parliament has decided that the next president will honour the heroes of Ukraine who died during the protests that began in November.”

A total of 23 political prisoners will also be released in what was a full day of business in the Ukranian parliament.