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UK-Scotland: Cameron and Salmond clash over oil

UK-Scotland: Cameron and Salmond clash over oil
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British Prime Minister David Cameron has set out his government’s vision for North Sea oil and gas on a visit to Scotland – ahead of the Scottish vote on independence on September 18.

The trip came alongside the publication of a British report, the Wood Review, which made recommendations on how to extract oil and gas more easily and more profitably.

Touring a North Sea oil rig, Cameron told reporters: “I think it [the Wood Review] makes a very strong argument about the United Kingdom – and how the broad shoulders of one of the top ten economies of the world has really got behind this industry and will continue to stay behind this industry, so we get the maximum benefit out of it.”

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, the leader of the pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP), argued that oil and gas policy would be more stable in an independent Scotland.

“In every terms, Scotland is a substantial economic proposition. And oil and gas should be used as a bonus, it should be used as part of the stewardship, in terms of a long-term policy,” Salmond told supporters.

Salmond dismissed claims that Scotland was not equipped – pointing to Norway as an example of a small country that could “handle” its own oil and gas resources.