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European integration "a priority" says Ukraine acting president

European integration "a priority" says Ukraine acting president
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Euronews correspondent Angelina Kariakina reports from Kyiv and says: “While Ukrainian politicians negotiate the coalition and candidates for the post of prime minister the Maidan protest movement which has spread far beyond Kyiv wants a change in the political system and new faces in state administrations.”

Some placards carried by protesters called for Yulia Tymoshenko to retire from politics. She has said she will not stand for prime minister, coded language believe some indicating she wants to be candidate in the presidential election.

“Ukraine doesn’t want a new chief, Ukraine wants a new future. We don’t want to change one bunch of bandits for another. I personally want a cleansing of the system. I want the opposition to go through a major review so every person understands for whom we are voting so that we know everything about those whom we are electing,” said one protester.

“We don’t want to see old politicians in the government. For how long should we put up with them. We remember the lessons of 2004,” added another.

“Yes, we want to see new faces – of those who were making this revolution happen. People gave their lives not for the politicians, but for their own freedom. Yulia has been prime minister but she didn’t change anything,” stressed a third protester.

Acting President Oleksander Turchinov said on Sunday he was ready to talk to the leadership of Russia to try and improve relations.

In an address to the nation he also said “another priority is the return to the path of European integration.”