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Peace deal brings Maidan protest in Kiev to an end

Peace deal brings Maidan protest in Kiev to an end
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The three main Ukrainian opposition leaders along with representatives from the Maidan movement have signed an EU-brokered peace deal with President Viktor Yanukovych.

There was hardly a smile around the table as pen was put to paper, with no feeling of triumph or even relief after the bloodshed of the last few days.

It should end the crisis for now and should quickly see the centre of the capital Kyiv return to normal, along with the other regional cities in the west, north and south which this week rose against the central government.

The immediate benefit will be an end to the killing, which has shocked everyone, but there are plenty of potential pitfalls ahead.

Key among them will be the powers the president retains despite a return to a more parliamentary democracy. Yanukovych keeps the power to nominate all the government’s defence, security and prosecution executives.