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Dead and wounded everywhere in Ukraine's battle zone capital

Dead and wounded everywhere in Ukraine's battle zone capital
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On what was declared a day of mourning for those killed earlier in the week, more Ukrainian families are now grieving for lost loved ones.

Euronews filmed ten dead protesters near Independence Square. Police are also said to be among Thursday’s dead, with both sides accusing each other of using live ammunition.

One demonstrator told our correspondent that security forces have everything in terms of weapons.

“We just have this,” he said, pointing to the shield he was holding. “This is not real protection. Bullets can pierce two shields put together. People are dropping before your eyes. They don’t let us retrieve the dead and injured.”

“I have nothing to say,” said an elderly Kyiv resident, as she struggled to hold back tears. “We are hoping that we can win and that Yanukovych will understand the situation.”

St. Michael’s Cathedral, a makeshift hospital for those injured in the unrest, again took in dozens of wounded protesters for treatment by volunteer doctors and nurses.

Up the hill from Independence Square, it was initially used as a refuge for demonstrators at the end of November when police stormed their camp.

Those most seriously hurt are sent elsewhere.

Maria Korenyuk, our correspondent at the Cathedral, said:
“There is an operating theatre here. Journalists have been asked not to enter or disturb the doctors. Medics say they only have eight places but many more injured people. Patients don’t stay here for a long time. They try to send them to local hospitals as quickly as possible.”