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Ukraine protests spread to Polish border

Ukraine protests spread to Polish border
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Anti-government protesters in Ukraine have blocked a border crossing into Poland over 600 kilometres from Kyiv.

Tyres and fallen trees have been spread across the road by what is estimated to be 200 residents from the local village denying access across the border into Poland. They say they are determined to stay until their demands are met.

“The Berkut – the riot police should withdraw from the streets. Yanukovych should resign and the changes to our constitution should be introduced. Those are our demands. We will stay here until they are met,” explained on protester.

In cities across the west of the country there are reports of more violence. In Khmelnitsky media sources say a woman was killed when security forces opened fire on protesters.

It reportedly happened when demonstrators stormed the regional offices of the Ukrainian Security Service. It’s understood the building is now on fire after the crowd threw Molotov cocktails.

They had demanded the gunmen, who it’s claimed were inside the building, show themselves but they got no response to their request. Two people were injured in the shooting. Local police said no-one was killed in the incident.