'Little England': a journey on the sea of the human heart

'Little England': a journey on the sea of the human heart
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‘Little England’ was a lifelong dream for Pantelis Voulgaris.

The veteran Greek filmmaker has finally put to screen the adaptation of the 1997 bestseller ‘The Jasmine Isle’.

It is a family saga spanning two decades in the lives of two sisters, united and divided by a terrible secret – their love for the same man. It is a story of passion, family and loss.

“The feelings portrayed in the film – love, separation, loneliness – are timeless. All these emotions have always been a part of the world of cinema. There is no such thing as decadent or marginal emotions. The characters’ emotions in the movie are not specific to any era or time period,” says Pantelis Voulgaris.

His wife Ioanna Karystiani adapted her own bestseller for the silver screen. It is the second time the couple has worked together on a movie.

“I knew that the director and myself had something in common: we are both interested in the human perspective. We both consider that life is an adventure. We focus on the ambiguous details of life. This was extremely important to me. The film was a challenge for me. I wanted it to stand alone and for viewers to forget all about the book. I didn’t want the book to be a crutch that would help them understand what the film was about. The viewer should swim by himself in this storm of emotions,” she said.

Since its December release, ‘Little England’ has been warmly received by critics and the public alike.

“The fact that within two months, almost 400,000 people have watched the film, some of them more than once, is unbelievable and very touching. It gives me great joy. It was worth it. The journey of making this movie was very satisfying and rewarding,” said the director.

If global distribution deals go through, ‘Little England’ should be out soon in British and French cinemas.