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Merkel's coalition shaken by minister's departure

Merkel's coalition shaken by minister's departure
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Angela Merkel’s grand coalition government is looking shaky as the Chancellor faces recrimination for forcing a cabinet colleague to resign

Germany’s minister for agriculture, Hans-Peter Friedrich stepped down on Friday after allegedly tipping off a coalition party leader about a pending police investigation into one his party colleagues.

The Greens smell blood. Simone Peter, the Green Party President says that the coalition is immersed in crisis.

“There is an important question how the Grand Coalition, how politics can appropriate rule of law and use it for it’s own means.” said Peter. “Mrs Merkel must act.”

It is alleged that Friedrich told the Social Democrat’s leader of a police paedophile probe into one of his party’s parliamentarians.

That the SPD made the tip off public, costing the minister his job has angered the CSU, whose minister he was.

As for the member of parliament at the centre of the paedophile allegations, he is lying low.

His house was searched, but a disc-drive that was rumoured to have contained images of child abuse was empty. Other computer equipment was reported missing. The politician himself is denying the allegations against him.