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High hopes for a stronger government in Italy

High hopes for a stronger government in Italy
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Italy is waiting expectantly for president Giorgio Napolitano to announce whether or not Matteo Renzi is the right choice for prime minister.

Although reactions to former PM Enrico Letta’s resignation are mixed, many people have spoken out about the need to speedily settle the country’s political situation.

“We hope Renzi will be able to impose from the beginning the the change of pace he demanded of Letta,” said one resident of Rome.

“The country needs it and further loss of credibility with the failure of a Renzi mandate would greater weaken Italy’s image internationally, as well as damaging the trend in the financial markets,” he added.

Luigi Contu, director of Italian news agency Ansa, gave euronews his assessment of the situation.

“Letta’s government was an abnormal one, born of an electoral outcome in which voters didn’t make a clear choice, especially during a time when the main party, the PD, no longer had a leader,” he said.

“With the emergence of a true leader, such as Renzi, who would be chosen by voters (throughout Italy), the government could, paradoxically, be stronger.”

Euronews’ correspondent in Rome, Sabrina Pisu added that the transition would not be easy, but would need to happen quickly:

“With the end of the very rapid consultations,a new and difficult phase is now beginning. The crisis will need to be overcome quickly and a new government formed. Examining electoral law and urgent economic reforms will be on the agenda for the next government.”