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Italy reacts to Prime Minister Letta's decision to quit

Italy reacts to Prime Minister Letta's decision to quit
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Italians have reacted to Enrico Letta’s decision to resign as prime minister of Italy, opening the way for the country’s third administration in a year.

Giuseppe, a resident in Rome, said “It’s bad, a really bad idea, nothing will change, they are all the same.”

Refering to the leader of Italy’s centre-left Democratic Party, he asked “What programme does Renzi have? We don’t know what his policies are. He’ll go there and what will he do?”

Giuseppe concluded “One prime minister takes our money, another arrives and they take more.”

One woman commented: “The Italian political team is not mature…because if it was mature, they would not create all this anxiety, this destruction.”

Local Italian Giovanni Collela said: “I think that it is the usual power plays and games within a party, which I voted for many times.”

When asked if Letta was better, Collela added: “No, but certainly this was not the way to change the government.”

Letta’s decision to quit comes after the Democratic Party supported a call for a more ambitious government to pull Italy out of its situation of uncertainty.