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Swiss government says vote on immigration is huge disappointment

Swiss government says vote on immigration is huge disappointment
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Swiss voters have narrowly approved a curb on immigration in their country and a return of strict quotas.

In a referendum held on Sunday, 50.3 percent of voters decided in favour of the proposal, put forward by the right wing Swiss People’s Party.

The government says it is a huge blow.

“It is a vote against the political authorities. The Federal government and most of the Cantons were against this initiative,” Swiss Federal Council member, Simonetta Sommaruga, told a press conference.

“It is a vote against the business community, and the organizations which represent it – all of which were against the initiative. And finally it’s against the political parties. A lot of them now must be wondering why so many of their supporters haven’t followed them – or only partly – on such essential issues.” Sommaruga continued.

It means that Switzerland will have to abandon its free movement of people treaty with the European Union

This will put at risk other key agreements with the EU including free access to the European market – Switzerland’s biggest trading partner