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Robocop back on the beat, updated for an evolving future world

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Robocop back on the beat, updated for an evolving future world
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Robocop is back, revamped and ready for action. This time the story is set in Detroit, in the year 2028.

The film was premiered in London, with stars Joel Kinnaman, Abbie Cornish and Gary Oldman on the red carpet.

Joel Kinnaman explained why he thought remaking the movie was a good idea: “If you look at how our society has changed, technology has had an exponential curve and all of a sudden we’re in a situation where very many of these fantasies that we had in the original RoboCop are pretty much reality. We as a society are going to have to make a decision of how we’re going to deal with this new technology and what kind of consequences that would have on our society.”

Jose Padilha, the film’s director, echoed those thoughts: “Because what was fictional then is real now. We have drones fighting wars, we’ll soon have the capacity to replace soldiers by robots and you can think about it this way – the reason why Americans got out of Iraq was because American soldiers were dying. Now if you replace the soldiers with robots, what happens? I don’t know the answer to that, but that’s what the movie is about.”