More bad weather forecast as western Europe coastlines assess storm damage

More bad weather forecast as western Europe coastlines assess storm damage
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Forecasters are predicting that more stormy weather is brewing in the Atlantic and heading for western Europe’s shores.

In Devon in southwest England a main railway line was left hanging as waves lashed the coast.

Prime Minister David Cameron has promised an extra 120 million euros to help the recovery effort after weeks of flooding.

On the northern coast of Spain several people were injured either by giant waves or objects tossed by the wind.

A state of red alert was declared in several provinces, obliging rescuers to suspend the search for a teenage boy swept away by a wave on Sunday.

The damage to the seafront alone at San Sebastián in the Basque country has been estimated at four-and-a-half million euros.

Tuesday saw five Filipino crew members winched to safety after their ship ran into trouble off the coast of Galicia.

The boat was left to drift as high winds prevented it from being towed to port.

In southwest France the damage is believed to be not as bad as feared, after a Spanish cargo ship was smashed in two on a dyke at Anglet.

One person was slightly injured and by Wednesday evening there was no longer thought to be a risk of massive pollution – although the authorities remain nervous until it’s confirmed that fuel tanks have not ruptured.

The “Luno” was on its way from Bilbao to Bayonne; the 11 Spanish crew members were rescued by helicopter.

A clash of weather systems in Europe has seen repeated storms and floods in the north and west – and conditions are not expected to improve soon.