French trade delegation in Iran to discuss market opportunities

French trade delegation in Iran to discuss market opportunities
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Open for business. That’s the message from Iran to Europe. It came as a 140-strong delegation of French businessmen visited the country to discuss investment opportunities after the easing of some economic sanctions.

Tehran told them the most farsighted stood to win the race for business. One source said it is the most senior group of entrepreneurs and investors to visit Iran since the 1979 revolution.

Many of the firms represented on the three day trip have worked in Iran before and and it’s understood want to restore links.

Carmakers Peugeot’s share of the market in Iran in 2011 was one third. Last year it suspended its operations in the country.

A French embassy source in Tehran stressed this visit was exploratory and nothing would be signed on this occasion.

Mohammad Reza Rajabali, Production Supervisor at Iran’s Khodro carmaker, said: “Given the capacity of our production line and its capability to produce different products, it is a good opportunity for big international car makers to invest here. This is a win-win situation.”

According one official several of the world’s giants plan to return to while an advisor to the Oil Minister has said Tehran is to hold a conference in July to introduce new contract terms to international companies.

A report published by America’s Foreign Policy magazine said Iran’s energy industry is a “potential gold mine” for European investors.