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Ukrainian parliament delays vote on amnesty law until Wednesday

Ukrainian parliament delays vote on amnesty law until Wednesday
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The Ukrainian parliament has delayed a vote on an amnesty law which would free protesters detained or arrested during the last two months of unrest.

Parliament will now be closed until Wednesday morning, with negotiations over the detail of the law still ongoing between party leaders and the parliamentary speaker.

Earlier, the ruling Party of Regions asked the opposition to clear the Maidan protests and leave any occupied government buildings as a compromise gesture.

The opposition refused, saying they would only do so when imprisoned activists were freed.

The opposition has called all activists to Independence Square, also known as Maidan, for 18h Ukrainian time (17h CET), to hear what the government has offered and to make a collective decision on how to respond.

Meanwhile President Yanukovych has accepted the resignation of the Prime Minister Azarov, offered earlier today. Under the Ukrainian constitution this means the whole government has now resigned.

The government will continue as a caretaker government until new ministers are appointed. However Azarov will not continue as caretaker prime minister. He will be replaced by Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Arbuzov.