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Syria talks in Geneva hit stormy weather

Syria talks in Geneva hit stormy weather
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Syrian peace talks in Geneva appear to have run into stormy weather. The Syrian government reportedly presented a “declaration of principles” outlining Syria’s territorial integrity, the right of Syrians to protect their country and preserving cultural diversity and democracy, which the opposition rejected.

Bouthina Shaban, a Syrian presidential advisor, said: “We were surprised that this basic paper was rejected by the other side, who either do not have the capacity to acknowledge Syria and its integrity, or don’t care about what’s happening to the Syrian people.”

Rema Fleihan, a Syrian opposition delegate said: “We are positive and we’re going to remain here until we achieve our goal which is to have a transitional government based on Geneva 1.”

Geneva 1 calls for a transition of power, but there is no agreement at all between the two sides on this point. Neither is there any progress on allowing aid convoys into the besieged city of Homs. A statement is expected later.