Life on the Kyiv barricades

Life on the Kyiv barricades
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Anna lives in Kyiv and every day, after work she goes shopping. She buys staples like coffee, tea, sugar, milk and tinned meat.

Then she takes her shopping to one of the field kitchens which have sprung up around the city to feed the protesters, like the one is in Independence Square. These kitchens supply free meals to whoever needs them.

Anna says she can’t join the protesters at the barricades, but this is her way of helping, and showing solidarity.

00.29 SOT: Anna, Kiev resident: “I cannot be apathetic, because I live in Kyiv. I look through special websites to find out what the protesters need. People live here and they need our support.”

But not everyone shares her opinion. In fact, some people see things entirely differently.

Viktor, a caretaker living nearby said: “There is noise, and smoke! It’s impossible to live here! I’m against chaos! If you want to hold a rally, please, hold a rally, but don’t bother other people!”

Another Kyiv resident said: “Everything’s OK. People are fighting for their rights. And that’s good. They don’t bother me at all.”

As well as field kitchens, there are tents, portable lavatories, a giant stage, a first aid tent and even the services of a psychologist…