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"Radical troublemakers" control half of Ukraine's government buildings

"Radical troublemakers" control half of Ukraine's government buildings
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What started in Kyiv is quickly spreading. A wave of government administration buildings have been seized by protesters in mainly pro-European Union western regions.

Lviv was one of the first cities to be taken over by demonstrators branded “radical troublemakers” by authorities.

Although more than 100 people have been detained, thousands more are taking part in similar action across half the country, storming regional administration headquarters.

In some cases, officials have joined their rally. One police captain resigned because he felt his colleagues tactics were too heavy-handed:
“Once Jesus was beaten, tortured, and given a cross to bear. Demonstrators here in peacetime are tortured, stripped in the snow. I am ashamed to face colleagues who commit such unlawful acts against their own people,” said the man who only gave his name as Yaroslav.

Following reports of a man forced to strip and parade naked in sub-zero temperatures, our correspondent says the city risks becoming a flashpoint.

“After the resignations of several special forces policemen, protesters now want all staff here at this base to do the same. The activists say they’ll continue to block the Berkut base in order to prevent riot police officer from travelling to Kyiv to disperse the demonstrators.” said Mykhaylo Dubyak.