FC Barcelona president Rosell resigns

FC Barcelona president Rosell resigns
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Sandro Rosell has resigned as President of FC Barcelona a day after a Spanish court opened an investigation into last year’s signing of Brazilian Neymar.

On Tuesday the court issued a hearing to investigate Barcelona for an alleged misappropriation of funds over the 57.1 million euro signing of the 21-year-old forward.

Rosell denies any financial wrongdoing.

He said: ‘‘In the last days there has been an unfair and reckless report on misappropriation of funds that has ended with a lawsuit against me in the National Court. I have said from the very beginning that Neymar’s signing is correct and that it has provoked the desperation and envy of our rivals.”

The court decided there was sufficient grounds for an investigation after a disgruntled fan lodged a complaint against Barca and Rosell in a bid for clarity over the transaction.

State prosecutors are now questioning a 38-million-euro payment as part of the overall fee that went to a company owned by Neymar’s father.

A payment that takes the transfer total to some 95 million euros.

Vice president Josep Maria Bartomeu will take over until 2016 when Rosell’s presidency was due to end.