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Ukranian protesters in Lviv occupy regional government buildings

Ukranian protesters in Lviv occupy regional government buildings
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Ukranian protesters In Lviv in the west of the country took over the regional state administration buildings on Thursday.

They also forced the resignation of the governor, Oleg Salo, who is seen as supporting the president. However Salo later retracted his resignation, saying he had only given it under pressure from demonstrators in his office.

The protest is being backed by opposition members of the Lviv regional council who have the majority.

There have long been tensions between the council and Governor Salo. Salo was the regional chief of police during the Orange revolution in 2004 and strongly opposed the revolution.

Euronews correspondent Mykhaylo Dubyak, who is in Lviv, explained the situation: “After people got into the administration building, even more people came along. The protesters plan to stay overnight, and continue their protest demanding the full resignation of the Lviv regional authorities. The governor is appointed by the president, so he is on the side of Viktor Yanukovych.”

Mykhaylo added that for now the situation is calm: “Everything is peaceful at the moment. Although the administration building has been seized, there was no violent reaction from the police, there were no clashes and no-one was injured.”