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'The 1975': UK's shiniest new pop band

'The 1975': UK's shiniest new pop band
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In just a year, British indie rock band ‘The 1975’ have gone from small pub gigs to number one in the UK album charts.

With their unlikely variant of Eighties funk-pop cut with 21st century R&B, the four boys from Manchester are branded one of the UK’s shiniest new pop bands.

“I think it’s what any good, infectious pop music should be about, it should kind of soundtrack a certain time in your life and I think there’s a lot of young lives at the moment, what we’ve realised, that have been soundtracked to that album and it’s really nice, because that’s kind of what we wanted to make, a soundtrack to our youth. And I think that the people who are maybe pining for their youth, or the people that are living it right now, they can all appreciate it,” said band member Matthew Healy.

The single ‘City’ has already got millions of views on the internet, encapsulating their hallmark infectious beat and heavy drums.

The catchy guitar hooks and clap-along beats of the ‘Chocolate’ belie its dark subject matter of a drug- and crime-fuelled youth.

It has received more than nine million views on YouTube. Most of the band’s videos are made in black and white.

“It connotes ideas of, you know, noir and cool, cinematic ideas that people like, so that’s one thing, and it makes things very clean. But it was also, I’ve said it a million times, we didn’t want to be that exposed when we came out as a band, we didn’t want to put ourselves out there. So I think because we put everything in black and white it kind of removed us a little bit from everything,” says Matthew Healy.

“But (it) kind of homogenizes everything into looking like one complete unit,” adds band member George Daniel.

British indie rock band ‘The 1975’ is currently on world tour with concerts in the UK, France, Switzerland and Australia.