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Syrian refugees feel hopeless despite Geneva II talks

Syrian refugees feel hopeless despite Geneva II talks
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In Jordan, many Syrian refugees see no end to their suffering. They don’t believe the conference will bring peace to their embattled country.

People living in Za’atar, said to be the world’s second-largest refugee camp, feel hopeless.

“We think that the Geneva II conference will not bring any result .. because the international community just watches the Syrian people dying .. being displaced and suffering,” said one Syrian refugee who fled to Jordan.

“The Geneva II conference will not bring any solution .. we do not expect anything from Geneva II. We want the Friends of Syria and the Arab countries to support us with weapons,” said another.

Refugees staying at the Kilis camp in southern Turkey say the negotiations in Switzerland will do nothing to bring back normality to the embattled country.

“Whether the opposition and the (Syrian) regime sit at the negotiating table makes no difference. The people of Syria have been left alone, and the international community is ignoring them,” said one Syrian refugee, Mustafa Rejab.

“When one person dies in Israel, the entire world goes up in arms. But no-one has lifted a finger despite the fact that hundreds of thousands have died in Syria,” he added.

As talks continue in an attempt to hammer out a deal to end the Syria’s civil war, UN figures show the conflict that’s killed more than 130,000 people, has also created around 2.3 million refugees.