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Colombia cover group 'Just Can't Get Enough' of Depeche Mode

Colombia cover group 'Just Can't Get Enough' of Depeche Mode
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They are called DMK and they are from Colombia, and while it is unclear whether British electro band Depeche Mode have ever heard of them, the family group’s cutesy cover of the 1980s hit ‘Everything Counts’ has become an internet sensation.

Using instruments ranging from cheese graters to soda bottles, the family – media savvy father Dicken Schrader and his young son and daughter – have attracted close to three million hits worldwide for their version.

“A lot of things stand out, such as the children. To see the children making music and making sounds people don’t expect them to make. Many think Depeche Mode is a dark band, very dark and so it is strange to see children playing with toy instruments that give a very cheerful sound to the song,” said Schrader.

A publicist and music producer by profession, when Schrader,came up with the idea of forming a cover group of the British pop icons, he decided to turn it into a family affair.

His seven-year-old son Korben Schrader said: “My dad wanted to form a band, but because he only has two arms he asked for our help to make more great sounds.’‘

Scharder’s daughter Milah added: “I feel very proud and I want to do more so that people can see this and enjoy it.”

For those out there who you just can’t get enough of DMK, the group have also covered several other Depeche Mode hits, including ‘Strangelove’, and ‘Enjoy The Silence’.